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Winter Solstice

IMG_1170December 21!

The shortest day of the year!   From a farm life perspective this means, the hens are not really laying there eggs not with out a light hanging in there coop, tricking them into thinking spring is coming, it also means the greens in the greenhouse are not really growing, they are waiting for light a whole lot more, so for now they are just sitting there. For Nestor and Ginger (our team of Heflinger horses/ponies this time of year means sleigh rides and  lots of them, this is when the snow is perfect for sleigh rides not to much snow, and packed down just right from the warming ground thats not quite frozen. Farm Life comes to nice slow pace, just before it picks up again in January to start planning the following season.

Now if I were looking at this from a mom’s perspective December 21st, means we are right in the middle of Holiday planning. each year that I am deeper into farm living, I pull ever so gently away from main stream America and Santa. we find pleasures in making other folks happy with our voices and our homemade gifts placed on there door steps after leaving them with song or too! we look for other ways of spending our Christmas day rather then sitting under the tree looking for gifts to tear into. we look for hikes in interesting places and food, homemade yummy food. all of our gifts always include a homemade treasure to share with another, building blocks, doll beds, pack baskets, hope chests and ice fishing boxes and hand woven blankets to name a few. we found ourselves viewing movies from when I was a child and home videos from when the kids were smaller then they are now. a time of reflection and moving forward with curiosity. December 21, is also my birthday my 5oth birthday to be exact. a small celebration of my closest goddess friends is what I look forward too. Celebrations, Hope, Laughter, Love, Sharing and Caring for another! Happy Holiday’s everyone.    Mary Perry