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An Animal Powered Certified Organic Family-Operated "Forever Farm"

A learning experience on a family farm

Here at Winterberry farm we depend on many folks to help us through the growing season. My children and I are devoted to giving each person as much knowledge as we can possibly share. We look forward to the arrival of each one, we learn what we can from them, and we share our lives and home with them. In turn we work together each day to keep this farm working.

A learning experience can be as long as you have, one week to 6 months, we have many tasks at the farm to fill many ideas on farming.

Here’s a brief look at what we need to do in a year of the growing season.

January– bed prepping in green houses, starting seeds, management work of seed planting.

February– working oxen daily bringing in fire wood, adding compost to fields on the frozen ground.

March-lambing, maple syrup production, harvest greens in hi-tunnels

April-field prep as weather allows. Digging new beds and starting cold crops outside.

May– using animal poser for field tilling. Laying mulch hay and prepping beds in green houses. Starting more seed, farmers markets begin

June– all plants in the ground, remay on crops, keep harvesting greens, flower garden planted and drip line down. Pigs and turkeys arrive.

July-harvesting begins, weeding begins, hay to fill the barn, weekly csa pick ups. Wedding flower orders.

August– lets can some foods, harvesting, flower drying

September-start preparing for frost, keep harvesting flowers, pull summer rips in hi tunnels start planting for the winter harvest.

October-prepare all outside beds for winter, pull debris, and prepare garlic beds.

November-seed order started for next season, start balsam wreaths, slaughter meat birds and turkeys

December-the end of the year, harvest in hi-tunnel. Winter csa share begins,

How to apply to our farm

You may e-mail us directly with your inquiry