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The Balancing Act:

2015-05-09 22.40.33-1Farmer/Mom-a fine line of growing children, growing food and flowers and growing myself:

What farmer leaves there farm on May 9th for 2 days, the start of the growing season. for what reason you ask, to spend 2 days alone with my 3 children for Mothers day! I do and I have been taking time off to spend with my children, since I started farming 9 years ago.

It takes many hands to make this happen, people in my life, in my community and my family to pull this off. I trust in those that are here to help us, I leave my farm, my animals our family dogs in the hands of amazing young farmers, and they get it done and I get done what I hoped to do, to have quiet alone time with my 3 loves of my life, the center of why I am here, the center of why I farm for a living and the center of all my existence, Kenya 19, Gil 15 and Sage 9. we giggled, we made fun of each other, we cooked our meals together, we fell asleep watching a totally silly movie, we held each other while we slept. and we hiked hard the next day. then we cried big tears saying good bye to Kenya as she went back to school for her finals.

Now back at the farm, I have beautiful memories of my 2 days away on Monhegan Island with my three children, and I am some what recharged and running full speed ahead. There are 200 balsam christmas trees to get in the ground while the rain is falling, there are 6 230ft rows of vegetables to be planted by the end of tomorrow,  crops to be rotated out of the high tunnels, so the summer crop can go in. and 200 gorgeous tulips that are needing to be harvested right now, if they are to be sold at this weeks market. so out the door I go running full speed! Farmer Mom Mary Perry