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Thank God for Sage.

IMG_8944I must say that 5 times a day. So in a normal day of my farm life, I have farm responsibilities, farm store and my business to contend with, and then my three amazing kids, Kenya who is 21 and currently hiking the AT (Appalachian Trail) during her spring break and on the trail she is bringing her diabetes and her boy friend Eben, so between the two of them all should even out and bring her back safe and sound. Then their is Gil who is up in the Upishka mountains (northern Canada)  with a group of same age kids on a expedition, they have assigned him Navigator only to discover 2 months into the expedition, that Gil has no idea how to read the maps and refused to admit to it, until recently when all were quite interested in figuring out why they were getting off trail daily. And then there is 11 year old Sage safe and sound at home with me and the 2000lb team of oxen (that Gil has left for us to care for), and well then there is me the mom the navigator of this expedition. One day my kids are saying I’m there hero and the next day they are asking for space lots of space between them and me, sometimes it happens on the same day. I wish some days for a partner that I can rest my head on his shoulders, other days I wonder who in there right mind would want to be part of this expedition. I am certain though that we are all on the exact path at the exact moment that we are meant to be. so for now I will be content with crazy two day trips to southern California with Sage, to escape from our farm life (for just a moment only). Thank you Sage for your wisdom of a 50 year old women (much more then this 52 year old women) and thank you Sage for choosing me to raise you, when you came into this world I am honored more then you could know. Here is to more adventures for Sage and Mary.