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Paris and my Kenya


I have homeschooled all of my babes, all three of them. Kenya was my first student and she attended public school until 1st grade and then again for middle school. And for all the other time she was home. She choose her own on line curriculum, she organized herself and set time aside each day to read and do her school work, and we made a promise to each other that when she graduated college we would go to Paris France together. And we did!

We planned every detail of the trip and took French lessons, then we flew to Iceland for a extended layover, enough time to make us want to come back. In 24 hours we squeezed in a hot springs soak and horse back ride and we ate fried fresh cod for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then we boarded the plan for Paris.

Then we did up Paris for a week, we drank a glass of champagne on top of the Eiffel tower we bought flowers at a flowers market and filled our top floor room with them. We ate couscous at midnight and we drank a lot of hot cocoa and croissants everywhere we could and we could not stop eating ice cream, the really creamy non dairy kind and it was organic filled with fresh fruits.

We walked until our feet hurt then we hired a bike tour guide and they took us where our feet would not let us go.

We made our dreams come true, and just hung out like mothers and daughters in Paris, and forgot about the farm for just a small amount of time. These are memories that I will never forget.

Paris and My Kenya

February 2019