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November the wrap it all up month!

IMG_0219Welcome to my first official on line blog post: I am excited to see the new web site up and running… Thanks for visiting it… your reviews are always appreciated….  Living in Maine I am often reminded that we live just alittle further north east then Connecticut, my home state. Don’t worry my home town is in the northeast corner of Connecticut a small farming community Lebanon, and it continues to be the leading edge and the driving force of agriculture in what is otherwise known as a urban state quite far from the farming community for sure. The weather in Maine is alittle sharper around the edges, not quite sure when spring or fall are coming, in fact sometimes the weather simply jumps a season from my account of 13 years of living here. I think I should just stop trying to predict it and just live with it. so alittle snow before the ground is tilled or the cover crop is down, so what if the garlic or tulips are not in the ground yet, it will happen no worrys! just think about how beautiful the fall leaves of birch and maple trees that have not fallen yet looked against the fluffy white backdrop!