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Maine Flower Farmer

IMG_0172Who would have thought:   I went to flower design school back in 1985, I learned the basics and then some from Wellsley school of design in Wellsley Mass. Then I went out in the work world and learned from lots of shops all over the place, from Walt Disney world to Aspen Colorado, and a few shops in Connecticut. Then I came to Maine, I set up a homestead and started selling my pies and jams and then growing vegetables, and three years ago I started growing flowers that I would design with, this is the trend designers growing there own flowers, or farmers growing flowers and designing the flowers. Today I was part of a luncheon of flower growers in Maine, a close group of folks talking about there flowers and the brides they design flowers for. It is for me a great sense of pride to be designing flowers for weddings and other events with the flowers that we grow. My creative spirit is soaring with possibilities when I think of all the varieties of flowers that I can grow in this Maine climate, heirloom chrysanthemums, dahlias, clematis, lisianthus, gomphrena and soooo much more. The seed companies here in the US and the United Kingdom are providing some great varieties old and new to keep all the flower growers happy.

I feel like I have tapped into a new vein of happiness, last fall I attended a flower workshop north of Seattle, Washington I learned some new ways, new styles and so many new flower varieties. As I sit here organizing my gardens and farm life for the upcoming season, while that snow just a keeps on flying outside, I am bursting with excitement for this coming season.