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An Animal Powered Certified Organic Family-Operated "Forever Farm"

Wreaths and Christmas Trees

Winterberry Farm Twig Wreaths are made using a variety of Maine’s twig and branch material that we harvest from local shorelines. Our wreaths include sprigs of blueberry, sweet grass, winterberry and much more. We make 2 sizes a 16” and a 24” wreath. We can accommodate some special orders but not always, please call to inquire. Price of $65.00  per wreath.

We make a series of more decadent, decorated wreaths using moss, mushrooms and other dried natural materials that we find. Decorated wreaths are $80.00 and up.

Our farmstore in Maine would not be complete without Balsam wreaths, so in mid-November we start constructing our balsam wreaths. We embellish each of them with authentic plaid bows and other traditional colors made from flannel! We decorate our wreaths simply with natural materials including bird nests, berries, sweet annie and other found materials from our Maine Woods.

Balsam Wreaths are $65.00

We do ship! Please contact us and we will calculate the shipping costs to complete your order!  Gil, my son, has a Christmas tree lot. We started this for him when he was 4.   Twenty years later these trees are now ready for harvest, so with his team of oxen, and a traditional Maine woodsman “scoot,” fitted with an ax, Gil will take you and your family to his tree lot, where you choose and he will ax cut your tree down.

These are official Certified Organic balsam Maine Christmas trees. cost is $90.00 Please click here to contact us for times!

Ordering your Winterberry Farm Balsam Wreaths

We are happy to ship any of our wreaths. During the holidays it is especially popular to order our Balsam Wreaths for family, friends and business folks.  For our Balsam Wreaths we decorate them with natural materials and a real flannel plaid bow. We ship them in a sturdy wreath box with care instructions and a card from you.  To ensure timely delivery we will need any addresses and contact info by the 12th December. Cost for holiday delivery, shipped wreaths is $65.00 plus shipping, our online store is happy to set this up for you.

Oxen adventure cutting the family Christmas tree:

Join Gil, my son, with his Ox “Roscoe” as they bring you and your family to his Christmas tree lot right here on the farm. Using his ax, Gil will chop down the tree you choose and Roscoe and Gil will bring it back to your car. What you’ll need for this adventure: boots, a voice to carry a Christmas tune while you walk to the perfect tree, a device to record a photo of this memorable family outing, and $90.00 for the Certified Organic Winterberry Farm balsam tree! *please call ahead for this to make sure we are available: 207-649-3331