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An Animal Powered Certified Organic Family-Operated "Forever Farm"

Description of CSA Shares

Summer Share
Three options: Option #1 Member harvested summer CSA June-August Twice-weekly picking options, includes cut your own flowers and herbs. Cost for this share is $400.00 Option #2 Shop at the farm store CSA, May-August. Shop as you wish, when you wish. Includes cut-your-own flowers. Cost for this share is $325.00 Option #3 Meal-in-A-Box weekly CSA for 2+ people. Includes a recipe and veggies, plus fruit and cut flowers weekly. Cost for this share is $375.00                                                                      Vegetables that will be included in your share, salad greens, cucumbers, tomatoes, radish,summer squash, onions, new potatoes, carrots, herbs, broccoli, cabbage,green/yellow bush beans,eggplant, peppers, melons, garlic, kale, chard, basil, tomatillos, kohlrabi, zucchini squash and a few others.  Click here to sign up.

Fall Share
fall  share- starting the first of September, pick up twice monthly, includes a many of the fall vegetables including, sweet potatoes, turnips, potatoes, winter squash many varieties, pumpkin, herbs, cut flowers, broccoli, dry beans, cabbage, red peppers, hot peppers, garlic, some salad greens. onions, carrots and leeks. the cost is $375.00 for the fall share. With a add on meat option of chicken and turkey, the cost for the add on is $225.00 Click here to sign up.

Winter Share
wintershare- over 4 months with a once a month pick up. What is included with this share, organic homemade soups, pesto, ginger, variety of root vegetables from the root cellar, frsh greens, ready-to-bake meals and bread.  The cost is $265.00 for the winter share. Click here to sign up.

How big is a share and what could I expect?
In the Spring/Summer the Member-Harvested summer CSA is good for 2+ people. The Meal in a box share is for 2 people. Winterberry Farm fall and winter shares  what’s included is storable in so many ways the shares easily work for 2 people as much as they do for a family of 4.


JANUARY 13-15 WINTER SHARE pick up at the farm store includes soups and value added goodies:

JANUARY 2023- CSA signup has begun for the spring and summer share:

March 26-  Maine Maple “Sunday”–  visit the sap house, help collect sap from the trees, enjoy a all day breakfast, available to purchase and eat by the fire. 

April 30- SHEEP SHEARING DAY, come and play with sheep and there wool and products. Spinning and dyeing demo going on and a May pole with dances you can join in.

MAY 14- Happy Mothers Day- a gift of a flower subscription for mom. Ask the details, starts today.

JUNE 26 – 30: “Farm Camp” . This is the first of two sessions for the summer.

JULY 16- FARM TO TABLE DINNER! (tickets available starting May 31).

JULY 23- OPEN FARM DAY a state wide event hands on farm activities here at winterberry farm 9-5pm:

JULY 24-28 “Farm Camp”  2nd week offered for the CHILDRENS DAY CAMP here at the farm.

SEPTEMBER 8- FALL SHARE pick up begins today.

SEPTEMBER 22,23 and 24th- COMMON GROUND COUNTRY FAIR- Unity Maine.  Winterberry Farm will be in the farmers market area at Rose Gate look for the “52 Ford”!

November 1- calendar opens for sleigh rides for december-march 2023

November 24,25 and 26th- This weekend marks the beginning of the holiday season, TREE CUTTING and tagging begins this weekend and will continue until Christmas Eve:

DECEMBER 2-3: The WINTERBERRY FARM HOLIDAY open house for 2 days, sleigh rides,barn visits,gingerbread decorating,balsam wreaths and christmas tree cutting. we are part of the Belgrade Holiday stroll:

Signing up for CSA shares.

How do I sign up for my csa share? You may send a check or call and pay by cc Click Here to sign up for shares.