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CSA Program

At Winterberry Farm, community supported agriculture CSA or farm share, is a partnership between you and us, your local farmer. To become a Winterberry Farm CSA member you pay a one-time, up-front fee that entitles you to a “share” of our harvest. All of the vegetables and flowers/herbs that you will receive in your share are grown, right here on our farm, and they are all certified organic.

We use organic seed, and no pesticides or chemicals of any sort anywhere on our farm. CSA members pick up their shares at our farm once a week during the harvest season, or as they wish if they choose the shop with a gift card option share and the third option is to harvest there own veggies weekly.   They include a wide variety of fresh, seasonal, organic vegetables, washed and set out market style along with cut your own herbs and cut flowers. We work very hard to insure that the vegetables that we grow for you, will be the most desired types by you as the consumer. We have a harvest your own option with twice weekly harvest options. We try hard not to make the shares to large so that you will not feel overwhelmed.

We offer our monthly newsletter, and weekly recipes to help you prepare and store your veggie share and many helpful hints posted on our web site. Throughout the season we invite our CSA members to participate in a variety of farm events. We have farm pot luck dinners 3 times through out the summer months, and we encourage our members to help us. That can be as simple as watching the farmstand or planting a crop.

It takes a village to make this farm work, we hope you will feel welcome to join the village at winterberry farm. Winterberry Farm offers a spring/summer share, a fall harvest share with chicken and turkey, and a winter share which centers on our baked goods and prepared foods.

What is included with your share:

Spring/Summer The spring and summer share is all about our Certified Organic vegetables and cut your own flowers. We grow 60 varieties of Certified Organic vegetables. To help you use all this bounty we provide a recipe with the meal in a box share. We offer three options:

  1. Harvest your Own 11 weeks (June 16th to Sept 1st), with the option to come harvest one of two days each week.
  2. The Meal in a Box a 11 week share which you can pickup at the farm on Fridays, from June 16th to Sept 1st.
  3. Shop at the Farmstore starting June 1st and ending Sept 1st, come as often as you like and gather the veggies you wat at the farmstore

The Fall Harvest Share Is all about storage crops: onions, carrots, potatoes, leeks, sweet potatoes, etc. Fall also has an add on option of a fresh whole chicken that we raise and a turkey for your Thanksgiving table. The fall share is three months long with a pick up every two weeks.

The Winter Share is where Miss Mary’s baked goods make their grand entrance. From fruit pies, to pot pies, soups, canned vegetables, and preserved yummys, you won’t want to miss out on Winterberry Farm’s signature winter feast. The winter CSA extends for 4 months with a once a month pick up.

Sign up now:

Our on line store is fully stocked with all shares available for 2023. Go to this link to see your options and to sign up. All certified organic vegetables grown right here on Winterberry farm. Click HERE for a free brochure.