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college student gone back to the land:






My Kenya! yup she is my 21 year old girl, although she is almost grown up she is still my girl. she helped me start this farm 15 years ago, it was her that harvested the basil so I could make pesto, it was her that changed Gil and Sage so that I could wait on customers, it was her that waited on customers so that I could help Gil with his homeschooling, it was her that wanted a jersey cow¬† so she could milk her twice a day even though she doesn’t drink milk, it was her that did all the barn chores for the first 2 years of Sages life because Gil was to young and I was busy nursing Sage, it was her that made pies for 2 weeks during the month of August 3 years ago (30 pies a day) because I had lyme disease and could not function at all, it was her that boosted my spirit when the going got though on the farm.

Well now my girl is off to college on a full scholarship she attends College of the Atlantic, at least I think she is? In the summer my girl works on schooners and sails the coast of Maine at least she used to do that, now she has Eben also a sailor and senior at Bowdoin College a math and biology major. This past summer while healing her back from her 2nd back surgery they built a tree house and lived off the land all summer, I think they would still be in the “loft” if they had figured a way to heat it and keep the town’s people of Camden off there backs because they thought they had hippies living in there back yards. I have to say that “loft” is looking pretty good to me right about now, after living in a old home of 45 windows and no insulation I think a yurt would be a good move, until then I will just be happy visiting my girl in there “loft” complete with outdoor shower and composting facilities for food and toilet it is a comfy as can be!

I am sooo proud of you my love, my girl Kenya Rose…

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