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Family on the Farm

Balancing Family & Farm life:

The year is 2020: My mom is 80! and she has a dream and well Im the self designated Dream…  MORE>

Mary and Kenya in Paris

Paris and my Kenya

Paris I have homeschooled all of my babes, all three of them. Kenya was my first student and she attended…  MORE>

Sage and Mary in California

California and sage and I

The year is 2022. And Sage and I head off on a grand adventure to California- So way back when…  MORE>

Sage and Mary on the Farm

Farming with my grown kids:

Farming with my grown kids!      I may have started farming with Gil who was 1 and Kenya who was…  MORE>

Alittle Disney Goes a very long way.

Sage and I do Florida, So last September we head off from the farm with Gil in charge. Sage and…  MORE>

Twenty Years and Counting:

The year is 2001 and I bought the farm, I was 35 Kenya was 5 and Gil was 1. It…  MORE>

And the boy turns “18”

Gil and I head to Alaska! On March 20 2018 Gil turned eighteen it is his senior year in high…  MORE>

A farm of Apprentices:

And it is that time of year that we search for a apprentice. We post various intern positions that we…  MORE>

The early years!

The shop was being built. I was laying in bed taking my as usual afternoon nap, that had become normal…  MORE>

Farming with animals

When I started farming back in 2001, I wanted to be surrounded by all the animals varieties that I was…  MORE>