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And the boy turns “18”

Gil and I head to Alaska! On March 20 2018 Gil turned eighteen it is his senior year in high…  MORE>

A farm of Apprentices:

And it is that time of year that we search for a apprentice. We post various intern positions that we…  MORE>

The early years!

The shop was being built. I was laying in bed taking my as usual afternoon nap, that had become normal…  MORE>

Farming with animals

When I started farming back in 2001, I wanted to be surrounded by all the animals varieties that I was…  MORE>

“Red” mentor, best friend, worker, oxen at Winterberry farm

Star and Red came to our farm when they were 2 weeks old and Gil was 9 years old, they…  MORE>

Thank God for Sage.

I must say that 5 times a day. So in a normal day of my farm life, I have farm…  MORE>

college student gone back to the land:

        My Kenya! yup she is my 21 year old girl, although she is almost grown up…  MORE>

True salt of the earth!

My truest pleasures of parenting, is watching my kids while they are doing what makes them so happy! Gil is…  MORE>

Winter Fun:

So what does a farmer do in the winter months? I wonder that myself, that is what do other farmers…  MORE>

The Balancing Act:

Farmer/Mom-a fine line of growing children, growing food and flowers and growing myself: What farmer leaves there farm on May…  MORE>