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California and sage and I

The year is 2022.

And Sage and I head off on a grand adventure to California-

So way back when for 20+ years I was dedicated to being a mom, a farmer and loved staying putt! Now Im 50 something and I love to plan trips and do grand adventures and each year a different kiddo of mine and I  head off to somewhere. And this year it is Sage and I and northern California. It has been on our bucket list to see the big trees in Northern California, and on my bucket list has been San Francisco.

    So I plan! I spent a lot of time planning a road trip that will be for two weeks landing in San Francisco and spending couple of days there and then head up through the wine country and up the coast to Eureka and then back down staying in Mendocino and heading back down the coast to San Francisco.

We stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast called the whale back  inn and listened to barking seals most of the night and curled up with the inns kitty while we slept. We toured Humboldt county and found hidden magical roads deep in the red woods forest, we found the oldest tree on record, with his own name and he is treasured and spoken of like he is family.  we found a trail ride on horse back on the beaches with a tour of sacred native grounds and fishing rivers.

     Sage and I drove up the coast and back down, we ate oysters where we could and reported back to Adam just how good these west coast oyster were.   

We biked across the gold gate bridge and took pictures and more pictures. We headed south to Monterey and took in the surfing scene for Sage and stayed at the Ocean point inn and around every corner was a famous surf board.

We ate really yummy sour dough bread and we toured San Francisco in the rain on a trolley car with nobody else except the trolley driver. We stayed in a wall tent in Mendocino and soaked up the artist vibe there. Basically we just loved up Northern California and each other.

From California loving up our Mother daughter thing.