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Balancing Family & Farm life:

The year is 2020:

My mom is 80! and she has a dream and well Im the self designated Dream maker, so I plan a cruise around the Hawaiin Island’s for mom and I. and I surprise her..

So off we go mom and I to Hawaii, I wasn’t sure what to expect, really I thought this was a trip for mom, but Truely I fell in love with the Hawaiin island’s.

So let me back up a bit, I was born in 1964 to Ken and Eleanor in Lebanon, Connecticut and we were back to the landers, growing our food and raising animals to eat. We camped in tents and spent alot of time with my dad’s family at there lake cottage. I was there only child and so I always dreamt of having siblings, infact I spent alot of time pretending. I pretended I was a mom of 13 girls and I pretended that I was a big time horse competition rider and I pretended I had a brother and a sister.

So mom and I have always been close, when she turned 50 I swooped her up and took her to Bermuda, I included her in all holidays with my 3 kids and we would visit her all the time and bring her everywhere we went. She was living in Maine before I moved up, and she insisted that we visit in the fall and she said she had a festival that she had to take me too. Well we did visit her one fall day and she did take us to this festival and I did in deed love it, so much that I moved to Maine the next year, I knew I just had to be around these like minded people to raise my family.

It was the Common Ground Country Fair.

I have not missed a happening fair since. infact I could not have ever raised my bad ass very cool kids with out the support of all those like minded people I have met over the years, that fair has played a very big role in parenting.

Maine and the Common Ground Fair

ps. right back to the trip to the Hawaiin island’s mom stayed on the boat as much as she could, and I well I hit the ground running at each port we stopped at and I discovered as much as I could fit in each day. and therefore stayed off that cruise ship alot!

Mary Perry