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Alittle Disney Goes a very long way.

Sage and I do Florida, So last September we head off from the farm with Gil in charge. Sage and I spent many hours planning our fun filled trip to Florida her first trip that she remembers, she was there when she was two with Gil and Kenya and myself. Not that she ever asked to go to Disney but at 14 it seemed like a right of passage, so this is where I fill you in on my past just a bit. I was a floral designer in my twentys, my mom was living in Florida so I applied to work at Disney world as a floral designer so I could spend a good part of a year with my mom. And yup I got a job as a floral designer at Walt Disney world, so Disney as always remained in my heart.

Sage and I flew from Boston to Orlando we did Disney for 4 days, wore our selves right out. Picked up our cheap rental car that they upgraded to a yup… you guessed it a convertible mustang. Oh my Sage was in heaven and all I could think about was how they were going to get me out of that car through those little windows when I crashed it on the crazy busy interstates of Florida.

Well we didnt crash it, we headed to Eustis to visit another mother of mine and then we headed to Sanibel Island and Key west. We had a ball in our mustang with the top down on the Florida Keys, where we ate a whole lot of Key lime pie.

So many memories made for Sage and I on our trip to Florida. I love spending time with each one of my kids at places that make them happy. We will treasure the time we have together as we get older.

Farmer Mary and Sage