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An Animal Powered Certified Organic Family-Operated "Forever Farm"

Our Family

Ilex verticillata the latin word for winterberrys-the American winterberry, is a species of holly native to eastern north America, used by native Americans as a strong healing herb.

The very fitting name for the farm of my children and I , we began this farm in 2005, we all work together to create this incredible balance we have between the animals, the produce and flowers and each other. Visitors to the farm are always amazed to see this balance in action.

At 23 Kenya is finding her own way,
she is in her senior year at
College of the Atlantic
in Bar Harbor, Maine. she is passionate
about sailing on schooners,that is her
summer job.
She is planning a USA road trip
for the summer
2018 to visit the national parks
sometimes she comes home and works on the farm
and we are delighted when she does.

Preparing to graduate high school,
he is thinking about what he might
like to do after high school.
At 6’2″ he is not so little any more.
with his team of oxen, he brings us
wood to heat our house, he dumps
compost to feed our vegetables.
all while dreaming of being in his
self-built skiff lobstering on the
coast of maine-the smile of my days.
A million thank you’s could never
be enough for all you do, thank you

and then there is Sage. The wise
socialite of the family-there truly is
something special about Sage. Everyone
Loves Sage. This nonstop curly headed,
giggle of a girl can out run, out throw
just about anything she does. With
Chaga and anything else willing,
will pretend she is a horse at the grand
nationals jumping everything in sight.

the woman driving this team, also
known as the “dreamer.” I have old
fashioned values, the happiest days
are being here on my farm, watching
my children grow. I love growing
food and preparing it for my
family to eat. The farmers that once
farmed here although they are long
Gone now, continue helping me.